Michael Brisbin

  The chairman’s primary role is to ensure that the board is effective in its tasks of setting and implementing the club’s direction and strategy. The role is often combined with that of managing director or chief executive in smaller companies. The main features of the role of chairman are as follows: as well as being chairman of the board, he/she is expected to act as the company’s leading representative who will involve the presentation of the company’s aims and policies to the outside world; to take the chair at general meetings and at board meetings.
President Michael Brisbin
  The President chairs all meetings of the general membership of the Club and coordinates all of the Club’s activities. The President chairs the Board of Directors Executive Meetings and prepares the Agenda for these meetings. The President is a signing officer for the Club. The President confirms all meeting locations and arrangements. The President is an ex-officio member of all Committees.
Vice President
Jason Bedford

The Vice-President assists the President. The Vice-President chairs the Club meetings and Board of Director meetings if the President cannot attend. The Vice-President is the Club’s representative at the Annual Club Exhibition.

Secretary Kim Heaslip

The Secretary keeps the Club’s files and records the minutes of all General and Board meetings. The Secretary is in charge of all Club correspondence. The Secretary is a signing officer for the Club. The Secretary also looks after sending out sympathy and get well cards in the Club’s name.


Michael Brisbin (temporary)

  The Treasurer is a signing officer for the Club, keeps the Club’s books, and maintains the Club’s bank accounts. The Treasurer collects the membership fees and other revenue and pays all bills and expenses with the provison that any expense over $150 must be approved by the Executive. The Treasurer presents a budget to the Board at the beginning of the year, and gives regular reports of the Club’s financial standing. The Executive will appoint a knowledgeable person to independently review the year-end financial statements. The Treasurer will transmit the reviewed statements to the Membership via email.
Social events director
  The social events director organizes club outings and events. They are responsible for making contact and coordinating dates and times. They will setup and organize any banquets throughout the year.

Michael Brisbin

Jason Bedford

  The webmaster is responsible to making all updates to the website including adding new members, setting each members skill level to each photo contest, contacting the service provider if any problems arise, paying annual fees for our service provider, our website URL and our PSA membership. He also creates all documents and uploads to the website in pdf format. He populates the club calendar with information on each photo contest and social outings.

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