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January 2018

Club meeting (7:00 PM EST)
Tonights meeting will be on how to achieve the best colour in camera when taking photos.  This will be done a couple of ways.  One by using a gray card and the other using an ExpoDisc.  By using one of these two methods you will get near perfect colour temperature in camera with little or no post processing to improve colour.  These methods will help you learn how to set your camera on a custom white balance.  This can also be achieved without using a custom white balance in post processing.  This will also be demonstrated at the meeting.   One advantage of the ExpoDisc is not only will it set your colour but it will also give you a setting for a perfect exposure.   Some artifical lights can fool your cameras metre giving unwanted colour cast.  Using one of these two methods greatly improves achieving the proper colour temperature in camera.  Bring your camera to this meeting so you can test both of these methods. There will be a short video on how to take portraits of both family and personal portraits.   Getting good colour in camera saves a lot of time in post processing.   A video slideshow is a great way to present your work. delete
Slow shutter technique

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