Organization Membership

 Benefits of Membership

  • Showing and discussing your work with others.
  • Taking photos and participating in club outings.
  • Having your images critiqued by experts at club meetings
  • Field trips and other outings led by knowledgeable photographers 
  • Attending meetings and take part in discussions as a learning experience
  • Meeting and associating socially with others who have the same interests

Competition Rules and Judging

Photo competitions at all Stouffville Camera Club are critiqued by an impartial outside judge. Judges are experienced photographers and/or are involved in photography in some professional manner.   When entering competitions, it is VERY important to keep in mind that the opinion of the judge is just that, an opinion.  Judges are very constructive and instructive. Don't let negative comments from a judge discourage you. Take it as an opportunity to improve your photography.

The following rules have been established to meet SSC guidelines for competition:

  • Members can enter any photo competition.
  • Limit of one (1) digital photo per competition.
  • No previously qualified SSC print or digital image will be eligible for subsequent entry in regular monthly competition.
  • Name and describe your photos.  Although the images are judged primary on the quality of the photo itself, the judges do see what you write in the title and description.
  • Do not use camera settings or exif data as your file name or they will not be judged.
  • If you use a watermark on your photo, avoid your name or website.  Watermarks that give away your identity will not be judged.
Entries are submitted online only.

Points are awarded in all divisions, and are accumulated and tracked for the purposes of advancing members to higher levels and for year-end prizes. However, the club’s president can advance a member to a higher level when appropriate. Accumulating points is also an indication of a member's active participation in the club. Points are awarded per division in the following manner:

First place
10 points
Second place
9 points
Third place
8 points
Forth place
7 points
Fifth place
6 points
Sixth place
5 points
Seventh place
4 points
Eight place
3 points
Ninth place
2 points
Tenth place
1 point


Our calendar is the most important feature of our website.  It displays information about club events and competitions.  Members should check this on a regular basis to avoid missing a club meeting, a photo competition or an outing.


Important - Members Only

There are sections of this website that can only be viewed my members.  Some things are hidden from view until you have successfully logged in.  Members that are logged in will have full access to our photo competitions, photo gallery upload section, discussion forum, full access to our download section and view other members and email.  



Membership Fees & Application Form

If we have a full membership, names will be put in a queue in order of the date of the application.  Our membership year runs from mid September to early June.

An application form will be supplied when you arrive at your first meeting and can be completed then.

New members under 18 years of age must have their parents consent to become a member. 


Membership Fees
Full year membership
After February 1st

What are my Membership Fees used for?

The Stouffville Camera Club is a not-for-profit organization. However, the club does incur a variety of expenses during the year that are paid for, in large part, by the dues paid by each member.  All expenses are logged and tracked by the club's treasurer.  These expenses may or may not include:

  • Photocopying costs and documents periodically distributed at club meetings. Stationary, printing ink, various office supplies etc.
  • Fees for hosting the club's website, registration of the site's domain name and yearly fee for renewing our membership with PSA (Photographic Society of America), and various other website costs.
  • Rental fees for the meeting rooms.
  • Honoraria, and in some cases expenses, for guest speakers.
  • Prizes and awards for competitive competitions.
  • Equipment acquisition and maintenance.
  • Refreshments for specific club events or competitions.


To register or to log on to our web-site follow these steps

  1. Click Login to the upper right on this page.
  2. Be sure to read and understand our website License and Usage Agreement and also the Privacy Policy.
  3. Enter your login name and password.
  4. If you do not have a login ID, use the New User Registration button at the bottom left of the page to create one.  Once you are verified you will have access to all areas of the website.  Verification could take up to 24 hours so please be patient. 
  5. New member registrations will be validated by the club administrator.  This is because there is a limited number of members allowed.  If a new member is approved, they must complete our application form at their first meeting.  This form will be supplied.  Until payment is made the new member will not be able to upload images or enter our photo competitions. 
  6. Each member will be allowed about 25 photos in their personal gallery.  If more than 25 are submitted they will not be approved for viewing.
  7. If or when your membership expires, your photos and any information you uploaded will remain on this site for a two week period, giving you time to contact us for renewing your membership with us.  If you fail to contact us a reminder email will be sent to you.  If there is no response to our followup email your account will be deleted.

Need Help?

  • See Videos under the Help menu.  These videos cover many areas of this website with detailed instructions. Contact us if you have any questions.

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